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Stuff without lumps

Good Day,

Locally I can only get my hands on rather cheap polyfill, polyester fiber stuffing. I'm having a real hard time stuffing toys without it making clumps whch in turns make for lumpy limbs. Do you have any suggestion as to how to stuff toys without lumps?

I tend to use fleece (whichs sadly is a stretch fabric making it even easier to make lumps), short pile fake fur or some minky (a bit like fake velours) if I can.

Thank you for any help you can spare :)


Food Plushies

Hey everyone?! How's it going?!

So, I'm a big fan for plushies ever since I knew about it from this community in 2011. I was fascinated by your guys' awesome works, started with patterns online and now I passed the beginners level. Just wanted to share my plushies here from beginning till where I came today. I mainly work with felt.

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What do you think?!
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Fancy Rat Plush Dolls

Finally took glamor shots of these two plush Fancy Rat friends I made months ago!

Plush Fancy Rat

Plush Fancy Rat

They're made from a pattern I custom drafted and have been modifying for the past two years. They're made out of soft minky fabric with armature in their back legs and tail so they can stand upright and perky.

These two will be for sale at DesignerCon in November, and later on my Etsy shop if they don't get adopted at the con.

Thanks for looking!
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just an amateur

I know you guys are leaps & bounds ahead of me in skill & style, but I wanted to share the first plush I ever successfully made, from original pattern to finished product:

[Mr Bear]

Thanks for looking :)

While I'm on the subject, does anyone know of any good guides to gussets or any beginning guides to stuffed animals that go beyond two pieces of fabric? I'd appreciate it!


biggest plush to date

I have had this plush done for some time, but figured I'd go ahead and post it here. This guy is over five feet in length, stands about 2.5 give or take when laying down. 100% hand sewn.

Here's a copy paste of my deviantART gallery submission:

I'm not sure if he is necessarily a "fu lion" or "fu dog" but I do know that he's inspired as such. So I've just been calling him "Fu Critter" while I work on him.

He is the biggest plush I have made to date. He is over 5 feet in length from his nose to tail tip (yes, bigger then Fesir the white dragon I made some months back). He is also the most realistic plush I have made to date. He has a leopard taxidermy jawset, epoxy sculpted lips and eyelids, and gemstone eyes (I forgot what stone they are, but they are beautifully sparkly)

His claws are resin, direct copies from real tiger claws. So they are crazy sharp *holds up band-aid covered arms* So, Lee please be careful when handling him!! His nose is made of wonderfully squishy silicone, and is also cast from a real cat nose (I believe it to be cougar)

I'd be happy to make more like this, but be aware that it's going to cost a good penny as a lot of hard work went into him. He's massive and highly detailed! If you want a quote, feel free to email me at Majin@kaylaskritterz.com for an estimate

Fu Lion