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Yet another Introduction!

Hello!  Like so many recently I have found my way here through the LJ spotlight.  I must say I am deeply impressed with all the members on here!  Such a talented community!  For the longest time I avoided anything that was not flat on paper, my Illustrator mind just could not wrap itself around any 3d concept.  My freind recently gotten me into Crochet plush making and I am getting more and more confident with it, I hope one day I  am brave enough to try sewing with patterns that are not a continous round!  But until then here are some of my Crochet plush, most of them are my own patterns, but I may seek help from previous patterns when I get stuck with finner details.

The first thing I ever made..ment to be a cupcake..but..I call it my munchkin. =3

Zero from Nightmare before Christmas was loosly based ff a plush found through pattern searching, but instead of leaving him only as a stuffed head I turned him into a pillow!!  And the kitty is a present for my
 This crochet plush is a present for my sister who has a soft spot for Flareon, the origonal flame eve evelution of the pokemon Evee.  The eyes and inner ear were hand stitched on the yarn and the nose is a snap on.  This is one of my first origonal patterns, fun fur yarn is a love hate type of thing.

Gift for my mom =3 snoopy!!!  Only reference used is the cartoon!
Kiwi bird LOOK AT DAT NOSE!  Made in the waiting room of a dentist while my mom got her teeth worked on!
And last but not least some more Pokemon Xmas gifts for some old roomates of mine I'll be seeing soon!  Houndoom and Dunsparce!  The Houndoom was my first plush without relying on patterns..and before I figured out I could sew on the eyes decently XD

Thank you for looking!!!!
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