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Long time no post

This time isn't the excuse I keep forgetting but instead because I haven't actually made a plushie in ages. So here's a sloth I made for fun.

Just going to repeat what I said at tumblr because I'm lazy like that!

Anyway been wanting to get back into plush making so I decided to start on something relatively simple and made a plush sloth. Wanted to use a few fabrics I had laying about I hadn’t used before to make it looks interested.

Since he’s a laying plush he’s about 7” tall and 10” long with his legs out. As you can see in one of the photos his claws are strong enough to actually support him hanging, to help with that he has button joints so I can move his limbs in any direction I need.

As far as material goes I’m not sure what the spotted material is since it was a gift but pretty sure it flannelette, bright orange fleece, blue pattern faux fur, green safety plastic eyes and button nose and cheeks.

I would say it took me… 6-7 hours to make?

So enjoy
Tags: animals, fleece
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