arsieiuni (arsieiuni) wrote in cute_plush,

Need Help for a Good Cause

Hello plushers :)

I have minor experience with making plushies. I've made a few, but never really good ones.
I've worked with broadcloth and deersuede in the past.

I'm currently going to make a pair of plushies for my brother as a gift from me and my sister since he's going through a really hard time right now and we want to send him something to hug since we live so far apart.

I want to use this pattern:

or something similar.

What I need from you guys is fabric recommendation.

Do you think fleece or felt would do better?
I've never sewn anything with fleece. Is it hard to work with since its so floofy?

Also, I would prefer combed hair. Can someone recommend where to find that in good colors like various blues? I don't prefer the felt hairs.
I'd rather use combed hair and style it. If that sounds like a good idea?

I really appreciate any help. Thanks.
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