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Food Plushies

Hey everyone?! How's it going?!

So, I'm a big fan for plushies ever since I knew about it from this community in 2011. I was fascinated by your guys' awesome works, started with patterns online and now I passed the beginners level. Just wanted to share my plushies here from beginning till where I came today. I mainly work with felt.

Strawberry plushie:


Side view

Top view

Took a shot as if it got out of that picture & standing nex to the can ;)

Another one

Banana plushie:

With the skin

The banana is removable and can come out of its skin

This is just a cheese plushie (^_^)

This is it for now, the first one is from this blog [link] the second one from a youtuber that don't remember and the last one is my idea.

What do you think?!
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