Orin Drake (wickedorin) wrote in cute_plush,
Orin Drake

A Couple of Geeky Plushes to Show Off

Hello fellow plush enthusiasts! I... really need to remember to post here more often. But for the moment, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of charity-related poseable crocheted chocobos.

As a quick bit of background information: this is my third year contributing crafts to Desert Bus for Hope (which begins... tomorrow, so I'm almost late *cough*). Since I can't really afford to donate as much money as I'd like, I donate my time and energy in the form of geekcraft to be auctioned off during the event.

(Chocobos are also mounts [horse birds!] from the Final Fantasy video games. In case anyone was not aware. I swear it makes some kind of sense. Maybe. These aren't based on any "real" chocobos in particular.)

Miss Diana
This lovely lady is all suited up and ready to drive! She also happens to have a beaded sash that doubles as either a choker or a bracelet, because... uh, because. You can find many more pictures and much more information at her gallery page here.

And then there's the cyberbo! Becase... well, cybernetic enhancements, right? A bit of a departure from my usual, but I think that's exactly what was needed. And, she's shiny, so. Again, many more pictures and lots of information over at her gallery page.

Thanks so much for looking! I hope anyone else in the world enjoys these as much as I do.
Tags: amigurumi, crochet, geekery, mixed media
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