New to Cute Plush, but not to plush making!

Hello everyone. Not sure if I've made an introduction journal before. But I'll go ahead and write one just incase I haven't. XD.

Im a plush-kateer by trade, its my proffession, way of life, and how I put food on the table. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my job, bringing people's characters and passed pets into plush form. I've made plushies of all shapes, sizes, and even species. Dragons, canines, even some hybrids I'm not even sure what species they are!

Here are a few of those that I have made in the past. I have quite a few plush commissions going on at this time, so expect to see more from me! :3

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Ocean View

I volunteer at a school library. The librarian is a fellow puppeteer.

We do a puppet show for field day and this year was no different.

Behind the cut are several puppets I made for the show. The kids loved it.

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Arsiei Uni

Could I get some advice?

I'm wanting to make a set of plushies of these ponies: Getting as close to their colors as possible. 
I want to recreate their manes and tails in as recognizable a manner as possible which I think will mean using a dolls hair or fuzzy stuff. Especially the one with sparkly hair has to have sparkles. I can add glitter I think. 
I am not an advanced tailor. I have sewn plushies before but it's not easy for me.

But the advice I want is:
What kind of fabric to use? I want it to be cuddly but durable. And I have to be able to find it in at least recognizeably close to the right colors.
What to use for hair? I want a fuzzy or hair like stuff. Styleable to resemble those manes.

Where to find these materials online?

I have a couple patterns that I might be able to use so I just need to figure out the materials. 

Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you!


Help fixing a threadbare stuffed animal

Hello -
i'm looking for some advice about how to possibly save my daughter's favorite stuffed animal:  a dog (named Nigel) purchased at a Muji store in London 5.5 years ago.  The yarn is threadbare over maybe 50% of its body, stuffing keeps falling out...  I thought maybe someone could knit a vest or bodysuit to go over his original shape, but am open to all ideas.

Would love to salvage Nigel somehow, as he's really not replaceable - we even commissioned the creation of his "twin sister"  by a great knitter at our local yarn store, but she's not the same. 

Thanks all for your consideration and expertise!

Not sure if this is allowed but...

Hello cute_plushers, I'm new here (^_^)
I've come to you today because I'm looking for some soft, peach (skin) coloured fabric, but I can't find any anywhere! (>.<)
I'll need about 1m squared, and it'll need to be shipped to the UK :D
Any help is very very welcome, and if this post isn't allowed just let me know and I'll take it down gladly <3

Thank you <3